Editorial - RadioNewsLetter.pl is the platform by and for the Polish radio and radio-related community. The site includes radio and music industry news, interviews with Polish and foreign industry leaders and programmers from radiostations, big and small; columns; contributions by consultants; vacancy listings and job seekers. Consultancy & research - Over 20 years of experience in the european music & media businesses. Direct access to key-decision makers. Our professional network spans the globe and includes a wide array of broadcasting and music industry professionals and media-software development experts. Brands: Vision on Radio, Vision on Media. Sales & business development - Cesco van Gool is responsible for the int'l sales of media software provider Stirlitz Media. We assist young and promising manufacturers in building a global sales network and help music, media, manufacturing and consulting brands in strengthening their position in Poland and the Netherlands.
Alina Dragan is the creative brain behind Dragan Produkties and is responsible for our unparalelled contacts in the industry.Cesco van Gool is the arms & legs of Dragan Produkties and also writes articles for various trade magazines.
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